EMAN Global

EMAN Global is the umbrella organisation of the regional EMAN sections: EMAN Europe, EMAN Asia-Pacific, EMAN Africa and EMAN Americas.

The steering committee of EMAN Global is a group of academics and professional experts in the area of environmental, social and sustainability accounting who are responsible for general policy, procedures, and related matters affecting EMAN as a whole. EMAN is organized in regional sections with a large freedom of independent action. The EMAN Global steering committee deals with topics such as:

  • Discussion and selection of organisers and locations for the annual EMAN global conferences. The EMAN global conferences are organised each year by another regional EMAN steering committee or organiser.
  • Editing of EMAN books and contributions to other EMAN publications
  • Management of the network information, including the linking of EMAN regional sections
  • Exchange of information about sustainability accounting and sustainability information management developments between the EMAN regional sections
  • Representation of EMAN as a whole at international conferences other than EMAN conferences
  • Further development of the network

Questions regarding EMAN can be directed at each steering committee member.
We recommend approaching your regional EMAN section.


The members of the EMAN Global Steering Committee are delegates from each EMAN regional section.

Ki-Hoon Lee (EMAN Asia-Pacific – http://www.eman-ap.org)
Ambe Cosmas (EMAN Africa – http://www.eman-af.org)
Karen Maas – Chairwoman (EMAN Europe – http://www.eman-eu.org)
Yara Consuelo Cintra (EMAN Americas – http://www.eman-am.org)