Lüneburg, 2016

20th EMAN Conference

Two Decades of Corporate Environmental and Sustainability Accounting

What has been achieved?

Lüneburg, Germany, 22 – 23 September (reception on 21 September) 2016

This event will bring together academics and practitioners to discuss the latest developments in environmental and sustainability management accounting. With this conference being the 20th anniversary conference of the network, we will discuss the advancements in sustainability management accounting since the network’s inauguration. In particular, the conference aims to summarise the achievements and provide an outlook for the future with regard to the next key topics in corporate sustainability accounting.

In a series of parallel working groups, conference participants will engage in guided discussions on core topics, e.g. achievements for sector-specific accounting, accounting for specific themes (water, carbon, biodiversity, etc.) or practical accounting methods (flow cost accounting, supply chain accounting, etc.). The outcomes of these sessions will inform the structure and content of a planned publication that showcases the development of research on corporate sustainability accounting to date. We expect this publication to become a standard compendium that provides an overview of the state of the art. To round off the programme, we will develop perspectives for the future and discuss which issues are most relevant for sustainability accounting research in the near future.